8 Ways that Finding Your Purpose Will Make Your Life Much Better Right Now

  1. Purpose brings a sense of well being

  2. Purpose helps you thrive

  3. Purpose brings you better psychological health

  4. Purpose brings you happiness

  5. Purpose brings life satisfaction

  6. Purpose makes you more resilient

  7. Purpose allows you to control your life

  8. Purpose improves your overall performance and GPA

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The Huge Impact Purpose Will Have on Your Life in the Future

  • Purposeful people are much more successful in their careers

  • Purposeful people are happier at work

  • Purposeful people get along with their employers and colleagues better

  • Purposeful people see their careers as a calling rather than work

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How Having a Purpose Can Save You Time and Money

  • Purposeful people are more likely to graduate college in four years (each extra year spent in college costs you a lot more money and student loan debt)

  • Purposeful people are more likely to become successful more quickly

  • Purposeful people tend not to waste time and money on things that don’t help them reach their purposeful goals

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